About ClinSearch

What makes ClinSearch different

ClinSearch is a European Health Research Organization which provides Consultancy and Operational services for Medical Device and Drug Development. We offer more than quality at each step of your project, more than a highly qualified team, more than customer satisfaction… ClinSearch is committed to offer cost-effective solutions for designing and managing clinical evaluations, real-life studies or any other healthcare assessment. This is why ClinSearch is known as a company committed to results and has earned a reputation for delivering practical, measurable and high added-value data.

Our mission…

At ClinSearch we work to ensure that our team of highly qualified specialists in health sciences delivers the best quality results and a high level of availability to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. With this in mind ClinSearch provides outstanding solutions that are not only adapted but complete. Our aim is to help you promote your innovation in Europe’s growing market.

We do this by:

  • Building long-term customer partnerships with customers to develop new approaches in conducting Clinical Trials or Epidemiological Studies
  • Sharing our ideas to support your development plan strategies
  • Promoting cost-effective solutions in a wide range of health research services
  • Providing decision-making answers
  • Assigning resources recognised for their knowledge, innovative research techniques, insightful analysis and recommendations
  • Ensure rapid mobilization of experts networks

Working Together Results In Satisfaction!

History and core values

ClinSearch was created in 1999 by Fabrice Ruiz and Jérôme Seymour as a global health research company. Right from the start, ClinSearch has demonstrated great commitment to results and a high level of availability to our customers. This commitment policy has allowed us to establish true partnerships with customers who call upon us…

Dispersing our expertise, at the risk of losing it completely, is contrary to the very essence of our company. That is why we maintain a human size, and are active uniquely in our field of expertise, which allows us to offer solutions that are not only well adapted, but complete.

Board of directors

Pr P. Cacoub, MD
Internal Medicine & Cardiovascular diseases
Dr J.-M. Feryn, PharmD
F. Ruiz, MSc
Biotechnology & University Degree in Onco-haematology
Chairman of the Board
Dr J. Seymour, PhD

Executive Management

F. Ruiz, MSc C.E.O.
  • Master in Biotechnology,
  • 14 years of experience in biomedical research and epidemiology,
  • Vice-President of a Master’s Engineering School.
Dr J. Seymour, PhD Managing Director
  • PhD in Immunology,
  • 20 years of experience in biomedical research and epidemiology,
  • 10 years in Medical Device,
  • Field work for an American Contract Research Organisation (OMNICARE) in order to create the French entity (5 years as Deputy General Manager).

Senior consultants

Sandy Maumus-Robert, PharmD, PhD Scientific Director
Sandy is a doctor of pharmacy and has a PhD in epidemiology and public health. She also has a postgraduate diploma in toxicology and a postgraduate diploma in computer science. Sandy has a ten-year experience in epidemiology and biology and is the co-author of fourteen papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She joined ClinSearch in 2007.
Cécile Train, MSc Project Director
Cécile has been working for ClinSearch since 2001. She has extensive experience working in clinical research gained through monitoring activities as well as regulatory submissions. Cécile's expertise in project management was honed during several years spent working for internal projects and a two-year outsourcing mission for one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies. Today, she leads the Project Management Department of ClinSearch.

Evelyne Boos, MD Medical Advisor
Evelyne is a doctor of medicine. She has a University degree in clinical oncology. She has done part of her studies at DUKE University (NC, USA). She worked at the French Sentinelles network on the estimation of the expected impact resulting from a strategy of vaccination in adults after exposure to the varicella zoster virus in France. She joined Clinsearch in 2013.
Benoît-Damien Caritey, MMathStat Statistician
Benoît-Damien has a Master degree in Mathematics and Biostatistics. He has a three-year international experience in statistical methods applied to epidemiology and phase II / III / IV clinical trials in a research setting and different therapeutic areas. Benoît joined ClinSearch in 2014
Darouna Kattygnarath, PharmD, PhD Medical and Scientific Advisor
Darouna is a doctor in pharmacy and has a PhD in human biology (cardiogenetics). She also has a master degree in oncology and in genetics. Darouna has a seven-year experience in genetics and biology (academic research and hospital labotory) and is the co-author of six papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She joined ClinSearch in 2013.
Marianne Morineau, MD, CMC Medical Research Physician
Marianne is a medical doctor specialized in pediatric surgery with 17 years of clinical experience. She began her studies at a University hospital, spending her first 3 years as a medical teacher and researcher in addition to practicing surgery. She has also earned a degree (Bac +3) in immunology and a Master’s in biological science with a concentration in biomaterials. Since Sept the 17th 2014, she is Certified MedDRA Coder.
Abir Tadmouri, PhD Scientific Advisor
Abir has a PhD in biomedical engineering. She has also a postgraduate diploma in biostatistics and postgraduate certificate in Clinical Research Methods. She has a seven-year experience in basic neuroscience research. Abir joined ClinSearch in 2010.

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