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EDClinTM, a ClinSearch brand, is an EDC platform superior in its intuitiveness and capacity to adapt to the unique requirements of each study and sponsor. Based on users’ feedback, EDClinTM excels at providing a simple-to-use interface and query management system, a variety of customizable data access, reporting, and storage options, and clean, error-proof data, immediately available for analysis. The EDC is customized at the beginning of each study and managed in-house by our IT & Data management experts, with the strictest adherence to SOPs and quality standards.

To ensure the highest compatibility with different operating systems, EDClinTM is an HTML5-based solution that does not involve installing a desktop application. Our EDC has an integrated option for uploading imaging/DICOM files and other documents. Additional custom options that can be added include Core lab module integration, CEC module integration, AE/Treatment dictionary integration, Email/SMS notification, DICOM de-identification applications, etc.

We also have experience with developing applications for facilitated data collection of patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

Our solutions

Database modeling
Data capture applications
DICOM pseudonymization
Data validation plan
Patient's Mobile apps

Day-to-day technologies

Java EE
Enterprise Beans
JavaServer Faces (JSF)
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
Web services
Oracle 12c

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