Did you ever have to delay marketing your product because of the difficulties with the dossier, patient recruitment, or perceived quality of clinical trials? Did you ever miss an administrative deadline? Do you have to go, month after month, through the same procedure with the authorities, just to get a progress status which states: “End of recruitment period delayed”? MDKeys refuses this fate.

MDKeys, a ClinSearch company, is a medical networking site management organization in Eastern Europe, unique in its capacity to produce reliable and fast results. Instead of endless paperwork and delays, we guarantee that we will meet all data quality requirements while never missing a deadline. MDKeys offers you the unique chance to avoid risks in your product development plan.

How are we able to offer cost-effective solutions while guaranteeing that we will keep to our ambitious timetables?  We research before we commit, and what we promise, we deliver in record time. Our offer always starts with a complete feasibility assessment. We rely on our professional and dedicated staff, and our impressive research resources, which include special trial contracts.

Because you don’t need words but evidence, let’s try our “bonus/malus” solution. It will show you why we have such confidence in the efficacy of our organization.

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