Reimbursement & HEOR

HEOR is a branch of public health that quantifies the economic and clinical outcomes of interventions on patient populations and society as a whole:

  • to inform decision-makers of the quality of care, access and effectiveness;
  • to provide stakeholders with a reliable view of their value in healthcare and in real-world clinical practice.

HEOR seeks to inform decision-makers about:

  • health programmes or any other governmental programmes;
  • the structure and processes of the health care system on the health and well-being of patients and populations;
  • behavioural or social interventions promoting health;
  • medical or nutritional strategies;
  • introduction of a new product (drug or device) to the market.

We provide decision tools to help decision-makers in their choice between different health strategies related to drugs, medical devices, or diagnostic tests. We also help manufacturers collect the relevant clinical and health economic data for obtaining a fair price and reimbursement for their innovation in major European markets.

We support manufacturers in communicating the value of new products to multiple stakeholders, though an all-encompassing view of its clinical efficacy, real-world data, opportunity costs of various intervention mixes, budget impact, and cost-effectiveness models.

Our services include:

  • Building a successful core reimbursement and pricing dossier for submission to national and local payers;
  • Providing comprehensive review of evidence to support submissions to HTA agencies,  including clinical, economic, and societal values;
  • Incorporating Clinical Evidence into Economic Models;
  • Modelling of healthcare interventions and outcomes (Markov, Microsimulation, DES, etc.) and budget impact analysis;
  • Analytic modelling for decision-making processes (Multi-Criteria Decision-Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis…);
  • Micro-costing analyses and handling of national databases (PMSI, National health security etc.);
  • Systematic review and meta-analyses (network meta-analysis) for clinical and economic evaluations.