Statistical and methodological consulting

Statistical and causal inference form the heart of scientific thinking in experimental sciences. They form the theoretical basis for the whole methodological corpus used in life sciences, from laboratory experimentation to large-scale epidemiological research. As such, they are a key to successful research. ClinSearch brings thorough and creative methodological thinking to your projects, from design to reporting time.

Every clinical investigation ends by the computation of a single statistical test or parameter that provides the answer to the primary study question. Performing such a test is usually trivial for any moderately skilled statistician. Ensuring that it yields a useful result, on the other hand, requires careful thinking, at study design time.

Indeed, most design choices have statistical implications: experimental design, evaluation criteria, subject selection criteria, follow-up modalities… Yet, these implications are often overlooked, leading many studies to end up underpowered, biased or otherwise hampered in their conclusions. Conversely, the choice of appropriate analytical methods requires the injection of clinical intelligence into statistical thinking.

ClinSearch consulting services integrate clinical, statistical and causal insight into your designs, especially in the following domains:

  • Controlled trials,
  • Cohorts and registries,
  • Case-control and other retrospective studies,
  • Surveys and polls,
  • Meta analysis and systematic reviews,
  • Diagnostic accuracy studies.
  • Development and validation of questionnaires, scales and indexes.

Our offer, for your new projects, includes:

  • Protocol design,
  • Statistical review of protocols and case report forms (CRFs),
  • Sample size evaluation,
  • Design and implementation of randomisation or minimisation schemes,
  • Statistical analysis planning (SAP),
  • Database design,
  • Data validation planning and programming.

Statistical analysis and reporting

Through mastery of both advanced statistical skills and industry standards, our team of biostatisticians is expert at turning raw data into value and delivers high quality output for a variety of needs.

  • Quality control and data validation,
  • Statistical support for data monitoring boards and blind reviews,
  • Statistical input for all kinds of regulatory documents,
  • Preparation of statistical and graphical material for scientific publishing and presentation,
  • Production of standard or custom data sets,
  • SAS programming and training services,
  • Statistical review of raw study results, regulatory documents or published materials.

Both at design and reporting time, our biostatisticians work closely with our medical writers to ensure that all produced documents are statistically accurate and complete.