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Check out the most recent and influential scientific publications
involving members of the ClinSearch team.

Anticholinergic drug use and cognitive performances in middle age: findings from the CONSTANCES cohort

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2018 Sep

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A Decision Support Tool Facilitating Medicine Design for Optimal Acceptability in The Older Population.

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Structural basis for the role of serine-rich repeat proteins from Lactobacillus reuteri in gut microbe-host interactions.

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Design and synthesis of a potent, highly selective, orally bioavailable, retinoic acid receptor alpha agonist.

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Survival benefit of mantle cell lymphoma patients enrolled in clinical trials; a joint study from the LYSA group and French cancer registries.

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Cost-effectiveness of left ventricular assist devices for patients with end-stage heart failure: analysis of the French hospital discharge database.

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High quality standards for a large-scale prospective population-based observational cohort: Constances.

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Increasing the sensitivity for stem cell monitoring in system-function based magnetic particle imaging.

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Subcutaneous immunoglobulins for the treatment of a patient with antisynthetase syndrome and secondary chronic immunodeficiency after anti-CD20 treatment: a case report.

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Acceptability of formulations in older patients with swallowing disorders.

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Grenada 2018

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Influence of user and medicine characteristics on acceptability in paediatric.

8th EuPFI Conference
Lisbon 2017

Vallet T, et al.