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Medecine acceptability


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Over the last years, ClinSearch has acquired valuable knowledge of predictive factors of acceptability, discovered and extracted from a large database of medicines’ evaluations. Based on valid, useful, and understandable information, our consulting services can support you in designing a highly acceptable medicine.

In addition, we can provide you with a relevant acceptability assessment of your medicine using CAST - ClinSearch Acceptability Score Test®

On 3 may 2023, the European Medicines Agency published a Letter of Support for this acceptability score test in relative acceptability testing for oral medicines in children under 12 years of age. The EMA highly appreciated the attempt to concretise and quantify the “catch-all” concept of acceptability. Further experience of the CAST score in clinical development plans will be welcomed.

Our innovative data mining model uses real-life objective measures to position your medicine on the acceptability map and to characterize it by an acceptability profile. This service provides you with standardized comparisons of great value among products on the global market.

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